Established in 1991, A.Z.TEC, owned by Abdo Camille Zarife, started its actual operation in 1994 after having carefully studied the local market then, and its future requirement. Due to our continuous growth, and to keep pace with this growth, A.Z.TEC changed its legal aspect, effective September 01,1999, to become a private share holding company under A.Z.TEC sarl with the majority of its shares still owned by Abdo C. Zarife.

Having analyzed the data gathered thru our intensive marketing surveys, the conclusion was materialized in introducing quality material to go along with the expected high building standard requirements.

Having specialized in the mechanical field, a belief in after sales service equal to presale stage, as well as professional manufacturers acting as our back-up in the technical and commercial matters, we were able to secure the right place in the market.

Specialized in the mechanical engineering supplies, A.Z.TEC offers a range of products for the building industry to Suit specific requirement, sometimes tailored for a particular need.

Our range of products covers the heating, Ventilation and air Conditioning sector as well as the related piping installation: movement (expansion / contraction), reduction of noise / vibration transmission and external corrosion Protection.

Our Aim

Our dedication to the building industry, high standard quality material requirement, after sales service and the continuous technological improvement of engineering products, is our constant concern and follow-up to provide our clients the best in quality and service.

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